Have you ever set a goal, had a dream, or been excited by an idea and then…something happens and you lose your enthusiasm?

Sadly, too often these aspirations are hidden by the shadow of excuses.  Hence, my creation of going:

Beyond ExcusesTM

Do feel you ready to go beyond those excuses blocking your success?

Fun Fact:  Excuses involve ‘someone’ or ‘something’.  They place blame.  They are insidious and habitual.  They have the ability to block your dreams, plans, future or happiness.  The end result?  You are left feeling deflated and /or overwhelmed.


There is hope!

At Beyond Excuses Professional Coaching services, Helene will be your personal coach and will work with you to achieve your goals and dreams.  Since 2004, she has noticed too many woman feeling a low self-worth, sense of loneliness, and / or generally burned out.  These women are in survival mode.

This unique group of women are leading their lives from an empty cup.  On a quest to offer an alternative,  Helene developed her expertise in coaching women wanting to increase their sense of self-worth; the first step in filling their cup up again and building their resilience to thrive again.

Sensitively, Helene will coach you with an extensive knowledge-base and skill set that will create the movement you crave, at a manageable pace.  This eliminates feeling overwhelmed so you enjoy the experience a significant change, hence the tag-line: one drop at a time.

You will notice as we work together, gently…just one drop at a time, you will enjoy the ripple effects that will change your future.  This we call, “Re-Thrival“!


Specializing in the topics of burnout, loneliness and the well-being of women.

The purpose of this website is to offer you a true sense of who I am and to give clarity around what coaching is.

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...because you matter

...because you matter

  …because you matter.