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Have you ever had a dream or a goal that you get really excited about and then…something happens and you lose your enthusiasm?  Sadly, too often these are hidden by the shadow of excuses.  Hence, the creation of going:

Beyond ExcusesTM

Fun Fact:  Excuses are insidious and habitual.  They have the ability to block your dreams, plans, future or happiness.  What’s next?  You are left feeling deflated and /or overwhelmed.

There is hope!

At Beyond Excuses Professional Coaching services, Helene will be your personal coach.  She has the knowledge and skill set to help you move ahead at a pace that eliminates the ‘overwhelm’.  Instead, working with you just one drop at a time, you enjoy the ripple effects that will change your future.


The purpose of this website is for you to get a true sense of who I am and to have clarity around what coaching is.  Coaching is designed for people open to learning and interested in trying another way.

Despite the fact that coaching has been around for many years, there is a tendency for it to be difficult to articulate what it is exactly.  To complicate matters, how does a client select the right coach?  These are two important questions that I’d like to answer for you.

What is Coaching?  

Coaching is a purposeful conversation that matters.  It is guided by questions that require thinking on your part.  Without getting into the neuroscience, suffice it to say, when a person has to pause and think, the results will be significant and long lasting.

How do you select the right coach? 

Great question!  Like any relationship, there has to be a good fit.  A coach does not necessarily have to be an expert in your area of expertise to serve you well, however, you do need to relate to your coach in some common area for the best results.  Take advantage of a complimentary session to learn more about Helene!

What makes you a great coaching client?

Those open to growth and change,  Those who feel stuck.  Those feeling overwhelmed.

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...because you matter

...because you matter

  …because you matter.


Beyond ExcusesTM

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