Helene’s Personal Story

Back in 2014, Helene began to notice changes on her perspectives and ability to manage previously typical tasks.  Chalking it all up to stress, she pressed on.  Later that same year, she recognized her situation had not only changed, but had become a real struggle.  Her cup was overflowing.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in life, even though you have always been able to cope previously?

This was a frightening, confusing and embarrassing period because as a capable woman, she was suddenly at a loss as to how to manage.  Who should she talk to?  Where should she seek help?  What is happening?

When all else fails, resort to Google, right?  Well, that failed to provide solutions.  Next step was to seek medical advice.

Fortunately, the physician she spoke to was extremely familiar with Burnout and recognized the signs immediately.  Thankfully, in a surprisingly short period of time, she began to feel better.  Interestingly, although she recovered, unknowingly having experienced burnout, she would continue to be at risk again…unless she was was prepared to make some lasting changes.

Have you ever made promises to yourself for change but not followed through?  Or, found that despite good intentions, the reality is that the best laid plans are meeting the mark?

Fast forward to today.  Life is busy, schedules are full, and time to relax is minimal.  Now as an expert in the field, I teach others what burnout truly is.  You see, beyond being a commonplace term, this phenomenon has the potential to wreck havoc in anyone’s life (personally and professionally).  And, despite the professional knowledge and awareness around burnout, it continues to be something that can all too easily get muddled into other illnesses.

If you suspect you may be burned out, then I would love to have the opportunity to talk to you.   My approach to wellbeing is a holistic one to supporting you as you begin your journey to healing and restoration.

Believe me, I understand how challenging change can be.  It’s true!   Old habits do not die easily.  I continue to battle the tendency to take on too much.  I am stubborn, fiercely capable, and still fall into the insidious trap that I’m able to manage it all.  Not so!

My recovery journey continues and restarts.  I have learned every time I begin,  my best results are realized slowly… just one drop at a time.  I am continually amazed at how the ripple effect impacts my whole world.

I will teach you how to customize your own journey back to wellbeing.  Recovery is not a quick fix, but one drop at a time…possible!

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