Helene’s Professional Journey

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Helene’s personal coaches ~ Gracie and Simba ~ Our Phantom poodles
Helene has been coaching since 2005 after a career as a Registered Nurse followed by one in sales.  What attracted her to coaching was her insatiable desire to help others.  She realized that this is something that is in her DNA and had been utilized all her life.
Back in 2005, coaching was a relatively new profession.  So wanting to distinguish herself as a professional, Helene sought to formalize this skill set through over 200 instructional hours and a variety of certifications.  She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and is a Board Certified Coach.
In 2011 Helene returned to university and earned both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Leadership.  The combination of education and personal experience have allowed the creation of a unique and powerful service:  making a difference by supporting  the wellbeing of others.
Her goal was simple: To go beyond all excuses and offer her clients the very best practices available…one drop at a time.

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