The Coach’s Corner

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Helene (helen), your Professional Life Coach!

What attracts a person to become a Professional Coach?

Well, the characteristics that inspired Helene’s career choices involve putting to use of being very relational, an excellent listener, and wanting to make a difference.  In the busyness of life, she detected a faltering quality in life.  Suddenly the mantra had become ‘no time’ for the simpler things in life.  Believing there was a better way, her coaching journey began.
Helene began to formalize a coaching career in 2004.  What began as a concept flourished into a successful  career.  Beyond ExcusesTM Professional Coaching Services evolved from a common observation: too often excuses morph into the obstacle to desired change.  In fact, ‘excuses’ are so insidious that their creation has the power to become habitual!
The journey to becoming a ‘professional’ life coach included a variety of certifications and credentials.  Helene is proud to offer her clients the best practices so that they receive the unique benefits from coaching.
As a life-long learner she is an Associate Certified Coach of  the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Gold Standard for coaching,  and a Board Certified Coach, awarded by the Center for Credentialing & Education (, that meet the excellence and integrity requirements in coaching.  She also has a professional membership with the ‘Christian Coaches Network International’ (CCNI).
Beyond the foundational courses required to be a certified life coach, Helene has in excess of 200 coach training hours.  Her coach approach is authentic as it takes into account each person’s life and story so that whatever is top of mind for her clients can be coached on.  Her areas of expertise include leadership, workplace engagement, burnout, and health & wellbeing.

Helene’s Coaching Philosophy

  • Built from a faith-based perspective (which serves as a bonus only for those who want that influence).
  • TNT ~ Take action Today Not Tomorrow!
  • Recognize how excuses serve to keep you stuck.
  • Learn how to go Beyond Excuses then discover new choices.
  • Realize how much you matter.

Helene ~ on a personal note

She is a woman leading a purposeful life.  Married since 1991 to her loving and supportive husband and together they take pride in their four adult children.  Prior to parenting, Helene worked as a Registered Nurse for over a decade in Intensive Care Units.  She ‘retired’ following the birth of her first child.  During those first 16 years at home, she built a successful home-based business which included selling, marketing, mentoring and teaching women how to establish their own successful businesses.
Helene actively volunteers in the community.  Volunteer activities began during her children’s early years at school, assisting at their Youth Groups, participating on various committees, leading a women’s church group and recently she completed a two year term on the International Coaching Federation board.  Since 2006, she and her family have been serving in Whalley every month with NightShift Street Ministries, an outreach street ministry serving those struggling in poverty or homelessness.
Her love for animals does not stop with her own 2 dogs and 3 cats, but extends to support causes such as Critter Care  (check them out and you will understand).

Helene’s Values

Having had the honour of being personally taught by Mary Kay Ash, Helene gained the utmost respect for this incredible woman.  Mary Kay had an enormous influence on Helene’s values and guiding principles, both in raising her family and developing her business.  Helene says with great pride and absolute sincerity that Mary Kay’s simple values have become her own:
…all in that order.

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