Who is Looking Back at You Today?

“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.”

This requires no further explanation really.  It is more of an awareness message.  However, in preparing this post, I stumbled across some profound pearls of wisdom:


One of my most important business values is Integrity.

When I was a little girl, my heart’s desire was to help others.  Upon graduating from high school, I went to nursing school.  Nursing locally and abroad gave me many opportunities to help others, but I wanted more.

As I grew up, my dream only expanded to wanting to make a difference.  Sadly, I stopped there, like so many other people whom have shared a similar dream.    Why?  I believe it was an audacious goal and I didn’t know how to begin.



Do you remember the song, “One” by Three Dog Night? They sing that ‘one’ as the loneliest number before introducing  ‘two’ as being lonely as well, then melodically sing that ‘no’ as the saddest experience.  Hmm. Kind of articulates the essence of loneliness!

Did you know that loneliness has become a silent killer? In fact, loneliness has become an epidemic that goes beyond simply being alone. The news headlines are filled with nuances that accompany loneliness in groups such as gender, generational, race, etc. And the list seems to be growing.

What’s brewing in Whalley?

Here is what is brewing in Whalley:

A Street Café

From political to practical

From a political platform:  Politics have the ability to stir up heated debates.  Political strategies typically strive to unify a group and divide the other.  Set goals give direction and purpose to this group.  All is good, right?

Well, I beg to differ.  Granted, there are some good interventions touching the fringes of this demographic, such as affordable housing, safe injection sits, Narcan kits, etc.  My question is this: are any of these initiatives addressing the actual root cause?  Is it possible that these ideas are merely placating the reality and concerns to appease the public with the façade that action is taking place?

Contrast these perspectives with those actually living that life.

A Teenager named Diversity

His life unfolded much like any child’s until he hit the teen years. This is when his name was not only unique, but appropriate. Diversity. He was received so differently by the world; loved by his family, under scrutiny as a teen and judged by society.

Diversity is part of our family tribe. Yes, a tribe. We are not merely a ‘group’ of people living together. We are connected by many bonds. The ultimate goal: to live out our God given purpose.

Basic training of this team begins with Mom at the helm; managing the daily activities and instilling the values we live by.  

7 tips to creating a lifestyle of wellness

#1 New habits take time. Be patient.

  • There are mixed views on how many days it takes to form a habit. There is a general agreement that the intensity of the emotion plus the newly desired behaviour determines the length of time it will take to become a habit. The consensus is 14-21 days to 90 days and beyond is required.
  • Brian Tracy (trainer, author, and speaker) advises that to develop new behaviours into successful habits must include:
    • committing to your decision and not allowing excuses to throw you off course.
    • sharing your plan with others to keep you accountable and contribute to your motivation.
    • scheduling time to visualize achieving your new habit. Help your subconscious mind to welcome and make the habit automatic.
    • including an affirmation to speed up the process and help make this new behaviour a habit.
    • rewarding yourself. This is considered to be the most important step because of the positive association created in the brain, when performing the habit.
  • When will you commit and begin? Don’t delay.  Avoid regrets.