One of my most important business values is Integrity.

When I was a little girl, my heart’s desire was to help others.  Upon graduating from high school, I went to nursing school.  Nursing locally and abroad gave me many opportunities to help others, but I wanted more.

As I grew up, my dream only expanded to wanting to make a difference.  Sadly, I stopped there, like so many other people whom have shared a similar dream.    Why?  I believe it was an audacious goal and I didn’t know how to begin.

Because I had shared my dream of making a difference with so many people, and my highly held value of integrity, I began to push past my excuses and changed my perspectives on my coaching business.

Integrity is a value I cherish.  When I commit to doing something, personally and professionally, I will do everything possible to put action to those words and make things happen.

Equipping myself to becoming the best personal coach has paved my way to making a difference.  Like a drop in the water, the ripples far outreach that initial drop.  Be it in one person’s life or in a group, I know I am making a difference and helping to fill cups up everywhere.

Integrity is the music that makes my life and business hum.

What gets you jazzed to live out your calling?