Do you have to be a Christian to work with Helene?

I am a Christian woman and I love the Lord.  Does that mean you have to be a Christian or believer to work with me?

Great question!  Yes, I am a believer, however, I need to make it clear that that does not preclude coaching relationships with anyone whom is not a believer!  Not at all.

So, you may be wondering how my faith will impact the coaching you will receive?

Well, I prefer to consider my faith as a bonus and here’s why.

My clients have:

  • Knowing I have a faith simply gives you an understanding of the foundation of my perspectives.
  • A safe place to explore, question, discuss faith-related topics.

Please rest assured:

  • Our sessions will not become sermons or conversion sessions.

If you choose to share that you have a faith, then that opens a window of possible conversations; but only if you want that.  Remember, you determine the direction of each of our coaching sessions.

Coaching is about choices.  Yours, not mine.  I am here to help you sort through the commotion, so you can make your best choices and take action.