I love how each coaching session ends on a note of success.  Receiving notes from clients adds to that feeling.

Coaching with Helene has been an eye opening experience for me.  It has opened a window of opportunities that I have wanted to explore.  I enjoyed Helene’s easy going personality and professionalism.  It was an unexpectedly positive life changing experience.

Rosa C.                                                   Caregiver


Very motivating and positive experience
I have known Helene for many years and have been fortunate to benefit from her coaching skills myself. Helene is such a positive and motivating person. She really does help you get to the heart of things in a supportive and inspiring way. I greatly benefited from her coaching while struggling through the teenage years with my sons. Letting go bit by bit of the caretaking role and helping them on the road to independence has it’s challenges…as any parent knows. Now that they are young adults I still make use of strategies I developed through Helene’s coaching and look for opportunities to be their ‘cheerleader’ by encouraging them, supporting their efforts, and letting them know I believe they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. While I never thought I’d be one to want or need coaching, I have seen both the short and long term benefits. Helene helped me get perspective and develop better parenting strategies that have helped make our family even closer.
Colleen K.                                              Health Care Provider
First-rate, professional, experienced, communicative
My experience with Helene and her coaching services was professional and amiable. I felt comfortable and confident her coaching was exactly what I needed at the right time. Regular telephone coaching kept me on track and was necessary to achieve my goals. With new tools, insights, and practical lessons, my journey was more enjoyable and powerful to move ahead positively. I know for sure, that my life changed for the better. Having Helene with her wisdom and coaching as my guide is outstanding!
Chris C.                                                   Entrepreneur
High Quality!
Helene is a phenomenal life coach! The time that I have spent coaching with her has been more than worth it – she is extremely motivating, encouraging, and very helpful in persuading me to reach my goals! Since coaching with her and reading her inspiring newsletters, I feel more purposeful and passionate about what I do. I would highly recommend Helene as a coach! You won’t be disappointed.
Kristin F.                                                Health Care Provider


Made me feel empowered to take control of my life and happiness!
Beyond Excuses Life Coaching has been life changing for me in many different ways. When life gets tough, you begin to feel helpless that your situation will get better. Helene provided me with a safe and welcoming environment to express myself and take steps towards positive change. I had visited professional counsellors and psychologists in the past for depression and general life stress, but it never seemed to help me for the long term. The way that Helene differs is that she helps YOU become in charge of your life and shows you that YOU are capable of making changes happen. Instead of being told to do things, I was able to draw conclusions for myself with the guidance of Helene, and these changes and realizations have lasted longer term and have empowered me towards decisions that make me happier and healthier. My mindset has changed completely and I find myself approaching stressors in a much more effective and efficient way that works for ME. Beyond Excuses not only helped my current situation, but has driven me to live a more fulfilled and mindful lifestyle, and I am so grateful for this!
Sarah F.                                               Health Care Provider

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